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TV Nine Nine, the 1st infotainment modern and dynamic “BARB” reporting Channel, Free to air in the UK / Europe on Sky 842 along with around the World via …. www.tv99.co.uk with the well known slogan …. Zindagi Karde Rangeen (Make your life colourful)

Since Feb 2015, TV99 got a leading place in the ethnic community within a short time and has been repositioned as an Entertainment TV Channel, broadcasting Urdu Dramas and blockbuster Pakistani Urdu /Punjabi films along with Bollywood hit-movies three times in a day.

TV99 is also broadcasting Punjabi and Gujarati Movies now and will also broadcast Kashmiri and Pashto films/programmes for the interest of community. Round-the clock played full of entertainment, Urdu Pakistani Dramas. During the day the channel also broadcasts up to date local events such as film mahurats, premieres, on-location shoots and Bollywood press conferencesand local entertainment programmes which have not been shown before in the UK / Europe.

A plus point for TV99 as British Asian entertainment channel, is that it is currently playing locally produced programmes. A two-hour weekend slot is dedicated to viewers with the name of “Wedding Season” to show the traditions, latest fashion/beauty and values followed by different cultures.

It is an educational programme for the youth to learn about traditional values of their community and family background. It is also a show of fun and entertainment, with songs and dance.” TV99 has also brought a “Weekend Show” aimed towards the 2nd / 3rd generation of Asians in Europe.

It is a programme full of knowledge, updates on current affairs local and international including many other matters of life.

Most of local production will be based on infotainments includes the best collection of music and tele-films, programmes for the youth, Fashion Lifestyle and Bollywood shows, and will be introducing a political Talk Show called “London Time” that will be based on local Politics along with international hot-issues.

TV99 has got a vast-range of programmes on cooking with the strong branding called “Zaiqa World” which is full of fun and based on Asian food recipes.

TV99 will bring ”Entertainment Buzz” a show with the very best celebrities and new talent on media platforms that cover everything on music, comedy, sports, travel and debates and is full of entertainment for all.

Regards Asif Chaudhry Chairman

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